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Experience the Best Car Sex of Your Life

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Experience the Best Car Sex of Your Life

Car sex isn’t just for horny teens with no place to bone besides the back of a CVS parking lot. It’s for grown-ass men and women too.

Whether it makes you nostalgic for your high school boyfriend or thinking about Jack and Rose in that epic Titanic scene, I think everyone can agree that getting freaky in the car can be extremely hot.

Backseat, windows up, that’s the way I like…

ONE, car sex can do it just about anywhere. Literally. It’s a car, which means you can drive to wherever your sexcapades take you.

TWO, having tight quarters and so much to grab on to—doors, windows, seats (anything but the gear shift). Car sex requires getting beyond close to your partner and being very active.

7 Sexy Tips for Car Sex

4. Have lots of lube ready to go.

Chances are you’re going to be trying some interesting positions here, so make sure to have plenty of lube on hand. Avoid spilling it literally everywhere by getting a bottle with a pump-top, and think about laying a blanket on the seat to avoid awkward stains.


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5. Do it in the backseat.

Sometimes, knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.

You shouldn’t have sex in the front seat of a church parking lot because you may hit the horn, and the entire congregation will hear. From that mortifying experience, we know we should not have sex in the driver’s seat, since there is a likelihood of hitting the horn, and it might not be a tiny toot.


6. Keep your voice down

Do you know who screams out in the middle of the night?

People having orgasms, and people being murdered. If a passerby hears the former and thinks it’s the latter, they just might call the cops. So, don’t be a screamer.


7. Do not try this while the car is moving.

This shouldn’t even need to be said, but truly, don’t endanger yourselves or other people for road head or cunnilingus. Under no circumstances should you do anything sexual while the car is moving!


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