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Anal Toy

Anal toys definitely can bring your sexual pleasure to the next level. It is a sex toy used to perform anal masturbation on both men or women. Giving an incredibly pleasurable sexual experience.

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What is Anal Toy
Anal toy is a sex toy used to perform anal masturbation. Different from vaginal masturbation, anal masturbation rather focuses on erotic stimulation on anus. It can be performed on both men or women.

What Anal Toy Can Do for You

Without anal toy, people usually do anal masturbation by using tongue, fingers, or even fists for thrusting. With the help of anal toys, anal masturbation now become even more playful and exciting during sex.

Anal toys are usually designed in the form of a hard object, being used to penetrate anus. Some of them even come with control panel, while you can control the vibration and spinning direction of the toys.

People use anal toys to increase their level of satisfaction during sex. People need more excitements. Simply having sexual intercourse is not enough for them. This is why anal toys are in great use for people to have such exciting sexual activities.

Is Anal Sex Common in Malaysia

Of course, not everyone can accept anal sex. However, anal sex is very common amongst LGBTs, especially gays. Gays do anal sex by inserting penis of one into the anus of another, to reach orgasm simultaneously. Some normal couple also do anal sex, providing both of them could accept such way to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Men usually feel greater during anal sex, as anus is typically tighter than vagina in most cases. However, the other partner might feel extraordinary painful at the beginning. After a while, painfulness might slowly turn into sexual pleasure once all the muscles around anus have started to relax. Then both parties start to enjoy anal sex.

It is more common to be a man-to-man kind of thing in Malaysia. Once you start to accept anal sex, you might really get addicted to it. Some people even stop having vaginal sex since they are so much into anal sex.

Risks of Using Anal Toy

Hygiene is usually the first problem of using anal toys. There is a lot of bacteria inside anus. By inserting an object into anus, it might cause infection by bring more bacteria from the outside. You're best advised to sterilize anal toy before using it. It's not worthy to have any negative side impact for that.

Besides, improper usage of anal toy might cause injury to your anus. Anus is one of the most sensitive part of human body, and can easily get hurt. Do not use anal toy without applying lubricants on it. Make sure it becomes smooth enough before putting it into your anus.

Small bleeding could be the first symptom from the improper usage of anal toy. Once you found this kind of injury, you better go to clinic and seek help from doctor immediately. Do not hesitate as your health condition is far more important than your sexual pleasure.

However, you should seek for consent from your sex partner, if you wished to do anal sex or anal masturbation. Sex is always a two way thing, and both should enjoy the process all the time. It is not advisable to do something just for your own sexual pleasure, without thinking how the other feels.

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