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Penis Extension

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What is Penis Extension
A penis extension is a sleeve that slid over the penis and provides additional extra inches in length and girth to the user. The penis extension is often made of plastic and rubber. There are many different types of penis extension. Some of them have a closed on top while the others will have an open tip. Besides that, you may also find many penis extensions with stimulating nubs. On the other hand, there is also extender that has smooth surface along the whole sleeve.

Add Length and Girth

Many men do fantasize about having a bigger, longer and girthy penis. In these case, the penis extension would be a wonderful gift that will make your dream come true.

If you are wondering about what would it feel like to have a bigger penis, then this sex toy can help you to figure it out. It is also an easy solution for you to have a bigger cock. As a result, your partner would get to enjoy a greater sexual sensation due to the added length and girth.

Erectile Dysfunction

The penis extension can also be a great help for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Sufferer of erectile dysfunction would experience loss of erection during sex. As a result, it can be difficult and impossible to continue the sexual activity.

The penis extension is able to solve this issue immediately. Once you placed the extender on the erected penis, you are able to begin the intercourse without the fear of losing your hardness. Due to the firmness and stiffness of the extender, it is still possible to continue your sexual intercourse even if you lose your erection.

Choosing the Best Penis Extension

While choosing a penis extension, it is important to think about the feature that you would want before your purchase.

The open-ended extender will help you to increase your girth without having to compromise on sensation. Most extender in the market has a close top. By using the open-ended sleeve, you will be able to get all the pleasure plus the boosted penis.

How to Use the Penis Extension?

It is really simple to use the penis extension. First of all, you should add some water-based lube to the inside of the sleeve and around your penis. Next, you should slip your penis into the sleeve once you get an erection. Then, you can secure the testicle ring around the balls. If your extender has a hollow strap-on, you may just slip the straps around the body and adjust the most comfortable fit.

Some extender even comes with a bullet vibrator for extra stimulation. Due to the compact size of the extender, you may even wear a penis ring during sex without affecting your favorite position.

Is There Any Health Risk?

There is no known health risk associated with the use of penis extension. However, we do advise you to clean the extender with mild soap and detergent to maintain its hygiene.

Healthy Sex Talk

What is Penis Extension?

A Penis Extension is a plastic or rubber sleeve that slid over the penis and provides additional inches in length and girth. A penis pump, spray and cream can enlarge penis and long-lasting for erection too.

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