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What is Condom
The condom is one of the most important items when it comes to sexual health. It can be made in many types of material. Different people would have their own special preference when it comes to choosing the right one for themselves or for their partner.Every year, there are six to nine billion condoms sold throughout the world and this number is set to increase year after year. This is a good sign as more people nowadays do take their sexual health seriously.

Why is It Important?

The condom function as a thin wrapper or cover for the male penis during intercourse. Some of the common material used in making it include polyurethane, latex, silicone, animal membrane or even other synthetic material that fits over the erect penis.

The condom is important in catching the semen during the male ejaculation and prevent it from entering the vagina and cervix. It is important in reducing the risk of pregnancy and prevention of STI (sexually transmitted infection). This is done by preventing any fluids (semen, blood or body fluids) being pass into or on each other.

In order to prevent STI including HIV, it is important to choose condom made out of Latex and other synthetic material. On the other hand, the natural animal condom will offer no protection against STIs. Wearing a condom would be the best option for practicing safer sex.

There are a wide range and variety of sizes, color, textures, styles and even flavors for the male condoms. Playful2Night can help you to choose the perfect one for your preference, taste, and size.

It is easier to buy condom nowadays as you may find it in all supermarkets, pharmacies or groceries stall across Malaysia. However, if you are looking to add more choices and excitement during your sex life, Playful2Night has a wide variety which can help you to impress your partner and add more fun during your intercourse.

How to Use a Condom?

  • First of all, make sure it is rolled-up is nicely and placed on the tip of the erect penis. You will see a small pouch at the tip. It is used to accommodates the ejaculated semen. Next, grasped the tip and unroll the condom over the penis.
  • After the ejaculation, you should grasp the condom at the base of the penis before withdrawing from the vagina. This is to prevent any leakage of semen into the vagina.
  • Always remember to use a new one for each act of sex.
  • It is important to note that other product such as spermicide will provide no additional benefit to the condom and we do not recommend it to be used along with a condom.
  • This method is effective. It has a failure rate of 2 percent with consistent and correct use.
  • Surveys show that the effectiveness is further enhanced when both men and women understand and discuss the use of it with their partners.
  • You should not use it with nonoxynol-9 spermicides. These products would often cause vaginal and rectal irritation and this may lead to the increased risk of HIV infection.

How Effective is the Condom?

What is the Risk?

There is no risk for the using a condom during sexual intercourse.

What is the Side Effect?

No side effect has been found.

Do I Need to Take Any Precautions?

In some minor cases, some people would get allergy due to the latex material of the condom. In that case, we recommend using other types of condom which is made out of other synthetic material.


There many advantages of using the condom during your sexual intercourse. Some of the most important advantages would include pregnancy prevention. Besides that, it would also reduce the risk of transmission for STI which includes HIV.

Other obvious advantages would include the easy availability in many stores and online e-commerce site such as Playful2Night.


One of the disadvantages is that it is required for every act of sexual intercourse. In other cases, the use of the condom does depend on the cooperation of the male partner.

Some male partner does not like to wear it because it can reduce the male sensation during intercourse. Besides that, the condom would also have a lower efficacy when compared to some other non-barrier method with typical use.

Important Messages

It is an effective way for contraception and reduces the risk of transmission of STI including HIV. However, we do not recommend the use of it simultaneously with the female condom.

In some patients who are using other contraceptive method and are at risk for STI transmission should always use it for the prevention of STI. However, the correct use of a condom is also very important to their effectiveness. Kindly refer back to ‘How to use a condom’ to get the full effect of using one.

You should also use it in all sexual activities including oral sex. This is because such activity would have a chance of STI transmission. A user should also bear in mind that any form of oil base lubricants should never be used with condoms. It is also important to take note that spermicides such as nonoxynol-9 should not be used with condoms. The irritation in such product has been shown to increase the risk of HIV transmission.

Do take note of the expiration date on the packaging. All latex product will degrade over time. Usage of the product after the expiration date may result in breakage.

Healthy Sex Talk

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What is Condom?

Safe Sex is Good Sex! Condom is one of the most important items when it comes to sexual health. There are various shape, size, colour, texture and ever taste to suit everyone’s preferences.

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