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What is Vibration Egg
A love egg is a type of sensual vibrator that is egg or bullet shaped that is used for stimulation. They can also be referred to as egg vibrators or bullet vibrators, depending on their shape.

Vibration Egg - Even More Exciting Than a Vibrator

Vibration egg, also known as love egg, is a female sex toy designed in the shape of bullet or egg for sexual stimulation. It usually comes with remote control connecting with the device, which allow users to control the speed of vibration as well as direction.

In Malaysia, vibration egg is considered quite a common sex toy. Women use it to enjoy sexual pleasure, while men use it to please their female partners. Since it is an electronic device, battery is needed for power supply.

Generally, it's usually made up of rubber, silicone, metal, plastic, and glass. These materials provide a soft and smooth surface for vibration egg. Users won't feel any uneasiness if it was to be put inside sensitive part of body.

Common Types of Vibration Egg

Given different demand arising from personal preferences, there are many types of vibration egg available in the market. In Malaysia, below are the common types of vibration egg:

  • Single Egg
  • Double Egg
  • Wireless Egg
  • Vibration Egg with Sleeves

It's less likely to get bored with this product given the variety above. Some couple use it to enhance sex life relationship with heightened sexual interests. A man could put the egg into his partner's vagina, then start the vibration for foreplay.

How to Use Eggs for Sexual Fun

There are hell a lot of creative ways to use this product for sexual pleasure. The most typical way would be for vaginal penetration. Couple and lesbians use the eggs for sexual fun. They insert the eggs into female's vagina, then use control panel to start vibration. The vibration speed is one that human-being can never achieve.

Besides, people also use the eggs for anal penetration. Some people, although not majority, do enjoy anal sex and anal penetration. Gays usually do anal sex, and vibration eggs are generally in great use.

Meanwhile, you may also use the eggs for clitoris stimulation. Just hold the eggs and put it on the woman's clit and start vibration. Women would usually respond with sexual arousal arising from overwhelming excitements.

As for foreplay, you may also use it for nipples stimulation. Nipples are one of the most sensitive body part of human-being. You would definitely need the eggs if you really want to make a woman goes wet.

Some Advices for Using the Eggs

Make sure you buy one with good quality. Keep in mind that this is an electronic device, you don't want to be electrocuted by it. Remember, do not wash the device after use. Just use a wet cloth to wipe off any leftover on the device. Keep the device at dry place when it's not in use.

You are advised to use branded battery for the eggs. Some inferior and cheap battery might cause electrical interruption and break the device. Do check with your partner to see if he or she is comfortable with the egg. Especially anal penetration. Not everyone is willing to be inserted with such a huge objection in their butthole.

Healthy Sex Talk

Vibration Eggs - Healthy Sex Talk - Playful2night Malaysia

What is Vibration Eggs?

Egg Vibrator is a smaller vibrator, which designed in an egg or bullet-shaped and usually comes with remote control. It is always the ideal on-the-go sex toy to use for sexual stimulation even in the public.

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