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What is Masturbator
Masturbator is a device that is used by one to bring sexual pleasure during the process of masturbation. It is usually used by men to have orgasm without help of a female. For such similar devices for women are typically called dildo or vibrator. There are many types of masturbators in terms of design, material, function, as well as shape. Picking which type of masturbator is completely dependent on personal preferences.

How to Use Masturbator in a Proper Way

Masturbator is usually designed in such a way to imitate the shape of a real vagina. With the elasticity of rubber material, men would then feel like their penises are in a real vagina. That said, you should really treat it like a real vagina. Wash thoroughly after masturbation is a must. Do not leave any leftover in the device as it might probably turn into bacteria after weeks. Some instructions say that it would be best if you soak the rubber in warm water for at least 5 minutes before masturbation. You must be wondering why. This is to soften the rubber material to make it even more elastic and flexible. Besides, do not buy those with inferior quality. These defective products usually come with cheaper pricing. Do not take this as joke because it might really bring huge disaster to your penis.

Could It Be Harmful to Human Body

Most of them are made of elastic rubber materials. Rubber could be the closest materials to a real vagina as it is highly flexible in nature. It could wrap your penis perfectly, thus bringing higher level of sexual pleasure. For the sake of health, you are strongly advised to understand your physical condition before using masturbator. Some of the rubber materials might cause allergy to your sensitive part of body. Imagine that you were to insert penis into a chemical object. You should immediately stop using masturbator if there is any signal of allergy, even a tiny bit. Having said that, most of the men face no issues of using masturbator. So long as you follow the product instructions carefully, all you will get is just unlimited exciting moment.

5 Unbelievable Heath Benefits for Men's Masturbation

There are a lot of health benefits arising from regular masturbation that is totally beyond your imagination. Understand well and do it in a proper way to improve your personal quality of living. Let us take a quick look at these health benefits:

  1. Last longer: consider masturbation a regular training for your penis to last longer. Healthy masturbation would help to maintain the quality of your erection, while stimulating every single nerve on your penis.
  2. Penis Enlargement: Some people think this might not be true, but it really is. At least not as much as what most people imagine. Periodic masturbation is also one of the ways to massage blood vessels around your penis. After sometime, you would see tiny increment in terms of size and roughness of your penis.
  3. It helps to prevent prostate cancer: A medical research conducted in Australia found that grown-up men who masturbate more than 5 times a week has 33.33% lower probability to have prostate cancer.
  4. It boosts self-esteem: We all know men's pride is priceless. Regular masturbation helps to restore men's self-esteem.
  5. To have good sleep at night: Masturbation helps to relax your body both mentally and physically, thus leading to quality sleep at night.

Do not take masturbation as a guilty behaviour. People think this way just because they don't really understand. With all the health benefits above, I don't see the reason why you shouldn't masturbate.

Buy Masturbator in Malaysia

Given the scarcity of sex toys shop in Malaysia, it's quite a difficult task for you to buy a good masturbator in Malaysia. Especially when the choices are so limited. Nevertheless, you can always get one through online sex toy retailers. But the question is: how do I even start that process? It's absolutely simple. First of all, you need to find one online sex toys retailer as your supplier. Secondly, pick your favourite devices. Then make the payment through online payment gateway. The masturbator will then be delivered to your doorstep within reasonable timeframe. There are a lot of available online marketplace for you to buy such product. However, you gotta be really smart and informative as an online shopper. Search for value buy without compromising the product quality at the same time. It ain't an easy task. The good news is we offer resourceful and free information about sex toys Malaysia in our blog post, do have a read.

8 Ways to Maximize Orgasm for Men

You gotta learn how to please yourself. Having a good masturbator doesn't mean you would enjoy it to the max. Take a look at 8 useful ways to maximize your orgasm:

  • Get yourself a quality porn movie to stimulate your senses during masturbation
  • Remember to switch on audio when watching porn movie, not too loud nor soft
  • Apply lubricants on your penis
  • Control the speed for masturbation; from slow-soft to fast-hard
  • Don't use your right hand to masturbate if you are left-handed; leverage on agility
  • Do not do this more than once a day which will decrease your level of satisfaction
  • Maintain your body at a comfortable pose
  • Prepare a large piece of thick tissue before masturbation. Trust me, the last thing you want is to clean up the mess

Just try to follow the above guideline, then you would probably have the greatest ever orgasm in your life

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What is Masturbator?

The Masturbator fits every size perfectly. Bringing a lifelike sexual pleasure with different vibrating, pulsating, thrusting and more other exciting modes. Slide your cock in and cum without hassle!

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