Leten Rocket Masturbator Cup




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Leten Rocket Masturbator Cup


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About the product :

  1. Stewardess’s honey vaginal, multi-sound vocalization, high-speed upper piston, long-distance deep blasting;
  2. Three-stage enjoyment? The entrance of the vulva wrap is full and full? The up and down movement of the middle of the channel is moved up and down ? The pressure clamp of the air rib of the palace mouth
  3. Q elastic, tender and soft, hundreds of granulation textures, high-speed pistons engage in 330 times per minute;
  4. Powerful 370 motor, precision transmission gear set, alloy slide rail;
  5. Long distance telescopic, multi-angle hands-free design, multiple posture switching;
  6. Strong magnetic charging, one-touch charging

Indicator light

  1. In one-key burst state, the indicator light flashes;
  2. Insufficient power, the indicator will automatically shut down after 30 seconds of flashing;
  3. When charging, the indicator light flashes red;
  4. The indicator light is steady red when paused;
  5. The indicator lights up blue when in operation.


  1. This product is protected against over-current by blocking rotation. The indicator lights flash while blocking; when it is not blocking, the original gear is automatically restored;
  2. Do not use more than 50 degrees hot water to clean the soft meat; it may cause damage to the soft meat.

Installation method of suction cup base

  1. Rotate the base and fix it to the airplane cup
  2. Place the suction cup on a smooth wall/desktop, etc.;
  3. Press the pressure handle
  4. Adjust the angle and choose the most comfortable posture.

Charging Method

  1. Use the included USB cable to connect the product’s charging interface to charge;
  2. Use a USB cable to directly connect to the computer for charging, or use the USB port charging head of the mobile phone to charge on the socket;
  3. Charging voltage 5V, current does not exceed 1300mA;
  4. The indicator light breathes during charging, and it cannot be turned on;
  5. After fully charged, the key will be on for 5 minutes and then extinguished. It will be fully charged in about 4 hours. Do not overcharge for a long time;
  6. When the power is insufficient, the indicator flashes automatically after 30 seconds;
  7. Cannot be used during charging, please unplug the power supply after charging to use.


  1. Before and after use, take out the soft meat, rinse it with normal temperature water, dry it naturally or dry it with a non-hairless towel and store it in a ventilated, cool, dry place (note: the temperature of the water for cleaning the soft meat cannot exceed 50 degrees);
  2. Wipe dry with a towel after cleaning and store in a ventilated, cool and dry place;
  3. After the soft meat is completely dried, put it back in the cup body;
  4. Please don’t clean the button, forbid any liquid to enter the button to avoid short circuit;
  5. Store at full power at room temperature, away from high temperature and dirt, please do not put it in direct sunlight;
  6. If it is not used for a long time, please keep it charged for at least three months to prevent the battery from aging.

Steps to troubleshoot quality problems

  1. Can’t turn on the machine, check whether there is no power, recharge and use again; (Whether it is charged on the computer or the socket is charged on the computer to exclude whether it is because the input voltage at home is too high and too low to rush into the power. , Whether the charging indicator light is breathing
  2. It cannot be turned on after charging, check whether the charging indicator light is normal, and whether the charging cable is damaged; first confirm whether the button operation is correct (first press the key for 3-5 seconds to start the product expansion and contraction; the charging process is not possible Open)
  3. When the rotation is weak, please use it after recharging;
  4. When the program fails, please shut down and restart.

Product information

  • Product material: ABS, TPE
  • Product Name: A380 Third Generation
  • Product volume: 60dB
  • Features: 10 frequency Modes, Real Voice, High speed
  • Product weight: 1.8kg
  • Product size: 315*88*88mm
  • Power supply: USB charging
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Duration of use: 30 minutes

Leten Rocket Masturbator Cup

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