Svakom Echo Neo Interactive Wearable Clitoral Stimulator


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Svakom Echo Neo Interactive Wearable Clitoral Stimulator


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The app-enabled vibrators are entertaining because you can play with someone in the next room or on another continent. Two straightforward applications for a remote control vibrator include making things easier for yourself to use and experimenting with giving your partner control over your pleasure. Today, a remote-control version is available for every type of vibrator. The overall winner is SVAKOM Echo Neo Smartphone App Operation Remote Vibe Wearable Clitoris Stimulator.
This fantastic toy includes There are numerous vibration modes. Music, self-configurable touch panel controls for vibration speed and strength, and 11 preset high-comfort vibration pattern automatic modes (strength rather than the intensity of melody) Other ways to enjoy it include an intriguing music mode that reacts to voices nearby and a distant mode for when the music is not playing (changeable). You can give way to all of your desires, including engaging in remote or solitary online sex in private or as the spark for romantic nightlife. We’re all in favor of leading healthy lives. The best experience is provided. Ergonomics are used by Echo Neo to vibrate and fit particular areas. The unrelenting sensation, like being sucked by a man’s tongue, stimulates the entire area. All females get the same level of satisfaction whether they use their tongues or their clitoris to sense something. It’s more fun and useful than a large remote control! Without the requirement for electron replacement, excellent usefulness! Perhaps you only play outside because you have to?
Echo Neo also offers attractive underwear. While playing outside, there are no restrictions on where you can use it and the sound is inconspicuous despite the strong vibration. Because underwear is different from conventional underwear, there is a place to put the rotor. Soft Silicone Reliable Brand Liquid silicone, the softest and most comfortable material to touch, is used in its construction. It also offers waterproof capabilities and convenient USB charging.
The setup process is quite simple. Search for “SVAKOM” on Google Play or the App Store, download it, and install it after selecting “Any languages of your choice.” If the power is on, hold down the product’s power button for a few seconds to enable remote control using your smartphone’s Bluetooth capability.

Sexy underpants are available in two sizes, suitable for women of different sizes. It has five holes, which is convenient to adjust the position of toys and stimulate different areas.

Product Specifications : 
Material: silicone+ABS
Size: 91.2*38.6*25mm, the thinner part is 16mm thick.
Noise: less than 60db
Waterproof: life waterproof







Svakom Echo Neo Interactive Wearable Clitoral Stimulator


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