Unlock The Secret To A Better Orgasm For Her

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Unlock The Secret To A Better Orgasm For Her

When it comes to sex, we’re always talking about how to have better orgasms, or stronger ones, or longer ones. As pleasurable as sex can be, intercourse alone isn’t enough to make most women orgasm. How to take her enjoyment to the next level?

Everybody’s different. And once you figure out exactly what you or your partner likes, you need to figure out how to incorporate it regularly. Whether you’re interested in this for yourself or your partner, you’ll do well to remember one thing while experimenting. There is no the perfect formula to have sex. However, there are at least a dozen things you need to know about orgasm to make her happy in bed. Worried not, we’ve got you some tips from top ecstasy experts on how to achieve ultimate bedroom bliss. Swot up on these ways to help you boost the libido and spice up your bedtime. girl bath tub naked

Buildup Stimulation Slowly

It all starts with foreplay. Women love a slow buildup during manual stimulation. You will need to take your time with it. If you rush through it and move right to penetration, you’re not going to get any of the stimulation most the women need for orgasm. Kissing her lightly, breathing on her skin and building up her anticipation. As the tension builds up, provide indirect stimulation to her lady parts by slowly working your way around them. Be creative and take cues from her, too. This will surely blow her away.
Good sex comes to those who wait. Men and women get the best orgasm when the build slowly and pause before the climax.

Stress is The Biggest Enemy of Orgasm

A woman has to be completely relaxed to have an orgasm. Stress is a major hindrance and could get in your way when you’re both inside the bedroom. Therefore, help her address her stress issues by understanding her needs. Don’t put too much pressure on her to perform well. If you feel she is not in the mood, don’t force her. If she has her thoughts on her job, self-conscious about how her body looks, or whatever the case may be, she’s not going to be relaxed. Instead, help her de-stress by allowing her to take additional 15 minutes in the shower, giving her a massage or cooking a yummy meal for her. All she may need is just someone to listen and vent her feelings to in safety and in confidence. This could help a lot in giving her mood a boost. Therefore, make sure to keep her relaxed and pressure-free inside the bedroom.

External Stimulation Is The Key to Orgasm

External stimulation plays a major role in a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm. The best way to give it to her is through clitoral stimulation. You can do this orally, manually or by hand, using a sex vibrator / adult toy! doing different sex positions such as dog style that put emphasis on the tiny orgasmic trigger down there. sex vibrator with naked couple

Vibrator ON

Don’t be scared, the sex vibrator is your friend. If you really want to level-up on her clitoral stimulation, nothing will do it better than these preferred sex toys Malaysia. You can start by incorporating a vibrating cock ring (or double-sided vibrator), which makes the experience way more intense for both of you. Be sure to approach it with empathy and humor, emphasizing that you’d just like to try something new. Check this article out if you are a first-timer: How to Choose A Good Vibrator?

Try Different Orgasm Sex Position

Reaching orgasm can be hard if you’re not in the right position.
Every couple has to experiment to find out what works for them. Whether your goal is to give her a blended orgasm or target her G-spot, focus on vaginal pleasure or hone in on her clitoris, we’ve rounded up three positions that will help you to have an exciting and orgasmic time. Couple in love
  1. Cowgirl (Girl On Top): One of the best sex positions in the history of sex positions: the Cowgirl. This one is loved universally for its ability to mutually satisfy and give women the power to take control. Yet, she can give herself everything she needs to orgasm. Some women love it so much because it allows their bodies to be touched, kissed, or simply admired by their partner more than other positions.
  2. Legs on Shoulders: The Legs on Shoulders Move’ allows for deep vaginal penetration. Try grabbing her butt and tilting her pelvis upward, slightly toward you. Wrap your arms behind her neck and upper back, lifting her up gently. It not only helps her receive deeper penetration but also feels more intense. Always ask your partner what feels best; a small tweak can be the difference between her not orgasming or orgasming within minutes.
  3. Doggy Style: The most famous sex position: Doggy Style. This position is ideal for G-spot stimulation and also gives you a great view of her curves.

Practice Makes Perfect

Becoming the master of sexual pleasure does not happen in one night; it is a skill that takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. If you’re serious about unlocking her orgasm switch, you’ve got to set aside some serious “exploration” time. Set the mood with some sexy candles and sensual music, turn your phone on sleep mode and get to work. First stop: her clitoris. Test out different strokes and varying pressures to discover what her response most pleasurably to. Once you’ve manually gotten the lay of the land, then you can start mixing it up with direct versus indirect stimulation, sex toys and more. white hair women with red flower Last but not least, although orgasm is the end goal of sex, that doesn’t mean you should focus on that alone. With or without orgasm, sex is about pleasure and fulfilling one another’s fantasies and preferences in bed. With these tips we have taught, you are all set ready to unlock your lady’s orgasm! Enjoy all the nights you spend with your partner, and that there is no need to rush!
Unlock The Secret To A Better Orgasm For Her

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