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The Best 5 Father’s Day Gifts in Malaysia [2023]

It’s Father’s Day, this Sunday! Don’t forget to get your Daddy a gift on this 18th June 2023 😉
. Let’s celebrate this holiday in honoring your daddy. We have made it easy to get him just the right gift for this occasion.

Did your daddy ask you to be on your best behavior tonight? Time to put your collar up and be a good girl tonight or else you will be receiving more spanking tonight. Be ready to get down on your knees for your daddy.

Let’s give your daddy a touch of playfulness and fantasy by gifting you in the Seductive Hollow Three-Piece Maid Costume. This alluring costume is perfect for adding excitement and spice to intimate moments. Treat your dad to a night of playful role-play and make this Father’s Day a memorable one.

How about adding an electrifying twist to Father’s Day with the Coco Super Lock Cock Ring with Remote Control? This innovative and versatile toy is designed to enhance pleasure in non-vibrating, vibrating, and duo action. The remote-control feature allows for hands-free pleasure and shared experiences.

If your daddy wants to try some new back-door action, we got the perfect toy for both of you to explore new levels of pleasure and relaxation. Designed with premium materials and powerful vibrations, ideal for beginner, this sleek and discreet massager offers unparalleled comfort and satisfaction.

Give your dad the gift of mind-blowing pleasure with the Leten King of Cannon Pro which comes with 72 Stunts. This new toy brings him the maximum pleasure and desire to conquer. With its powerful motor, adjustable stroking position, and various control options, it offers a highly customizable experience and a variety of positions at your disposal. With this your daddy can be stroked all day long.

Make Father’s Day a thrilling and pleasurable experience with the Recare Monster Spike Condom II. Designed for adventurous dads who love to spice things up, this unique condom features stimulating spikes for added pleasure and excitement.

With its high-quality materials and reliable protection, the Recare Monster Spike Condom II ensures a safe and pleasurable. Celebrate Father’s Day by giving your dad the gift of unforgettable pleasure from Playful2Night.

Don’t forget, we offer gift wrap service! Just drop us a message in our WhatsApp to get it wrapped and delivered to his door.





Best 5 Father’s Day Gifts in Malaysia [2023] | Playful2Night
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