Best 5 Father’s Day Gifts in Malaysia [2023] | Playful2Night

The Best 5 Father’s Day Gifts in Malaysia [2023] It’s Father’s Day, this Sunday! Don’t forget to get your Daddy a gift on this 18th June 2023 😉 . Let’s celebrate this holiday in honoring your daddy. We have made it easy to get him just the right gift for this occasion. BDSM Set: Did […]

Condom myths debunked! 

Condom, that one word that is enough to catch attention. Some people have it in their wallets, ready at all times. Some are too shy to even purchase it via a drug store counter.    While condom is one of the most effective ways to reduce unplanned pregnancy or HIV/STI infection, I can’t help but […]

8 Simple Steps To Prevent HIV

HIV prevention is not just about following the usual medical guide. It’s about knowing your body well & when to safeguard yourself from infection. It requires a comprehensive approach which allows you to try and error, but to understand the dynamics of infection and ways to prevent it from happening. Here are 8 proven tips for […]

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