Condom myths debunked! 

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Condom myths debunked! 

Condom, that one word that is enough to catch attention. Some people have it in their wallets, ready at all times. Some are too shy to even purchase it via a drug store counter. 


While condom is one of the most effective ways to reduce unplanned pregnancy or HIV/STI infection, I can’t help but notice there are still myths sitting around in daily conversations! 


By now, we all know that no condoms assure you a 100% pregnancy-free or infection-free sex. We are also well aware that double condoms do not equal to double protection too.  But, do we know the answers to these following myths? Let’s find out! 


Debunking 4 common condom myths 


#1 Condom flavours are not harmful 



Flavoured condoms caters towards oral sex more. Though some flavoured condoms can be used for other sex like vagina or anal sex, it is recommended to go for a flavour-free condom to avoid irritation. Ingredients used in a flavoured condom might not be suitable for penetration sex, and it’s possible to result in yeast or other infection. 


To lower the risk of infection, I recommend using flavoured condoms for oral sex and change to a new, flavour-free condom during penetration. 


#2 Types do not matter

Oh, it MATTERS more than you think! Penis comes in different sizes and angles. How is it even possible to have one size fits all? Yes, it is true that some condoms are able to stretch to fit, but if you feel that the sex is not great, choosing the wrong condom could be it. 


First and foremost, you would need to look for the right size. Then, check on the materials and if your partner(s) are allergic to latex. Thirdly, is the condom reliable when it comes to quality, such as lubrication, texture, and comfort. 


Also, speak with your partner if they prefer textured condoms, it’s not up on everyone’s alley. Some would prefer studded condoms for sensation and excitement, while some like the good old classic, lubricated condoms. It usually takes a few rounds to find the perfect condom for you and your sexual partner. 


Plus, the user experience varies from brands! While One, Durex, Care, and Pisang are notable brands among Malaysians, I personally enjoy Okamoto. The price range is slightly higher, but the experience is superb. My partner and I both agree that it feels like there’s no condom on.  


Though we may all have our own preferences, do ensure that you’re purchasing reliable condoms. Avoid purchasing condoms that have less information on the source even if it’s dirt cheap, you might end up spending more money when an unplanned pregnancy or infection drops you a surprise visit. 


#3 Sex is better without it

To be frank, having a condom IS having another layer, so it feels less raw when it comes to penetration, no doubt. But, if you find the perfect condom and combine it with lube, sex with condom feels as good as sex without condom. Just like how I feel with Okamoto. Lubricant is your condom’s best pal. Avoid using oil-based lubricants as it could weaken your condom, causing breakage. 


Moreover, having sex with condom is actually more enjoyable mentally since it gives you the peace of mind. As someone with anxiety, it definitely calms me more. No one likes the anxious mind, constantly panicking on the pregnancy scare, right? 


#4 You don’t need condom for sex toys

Nuh-uh, you should actually be using condoms even if it’s your own sex toy! Bacterias that are not seen with the naked eye may build up on your dildo, especially if you are not practicing a good sex toy hygiene. 


Besides, adding a condom might give it more lube and feel more comfortable when you’re inserting your dildo for some sweet me time. 


And for those who share sex toys… We really still don’t encourage sharing sex toys, but we know that you guys are sharing it. We are watching you, not in your room but we know! So, it’s our responsibility to remind you to have AMAZING yet SAFE sex. Make sure you change a condom every time u switch the sex toys with your partner(s). 


It’s possible to have good sex with condom, period.

In conclusion, I could not emphasise more that condoms are VITAL. Don’t jeopardise your health for a few minutes of adventure, which you could still achieve it with condom anyway.  

We hope that we helped to debunk a few myths and safer sex are practice among people. If you have another myth, feel free to comment below and let us know! 


Condom myths debunked! 

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