STD Check Up: How Often Should You Get Tested?


STD Check Up: How Often Should You Get Tested?

There will always come a time for anyone to experience sex for the first time and the most common advice for them will always be to play it safe, use a condom. After all, nobody deserves to experience horrible sex during their first time. In addition to that, here’s an important aspect of sex that many may have missed before and after becoming sexually active: Testing for STD Check Up. You may be thinking, “Is it necessary? I wasn’t experiencing any STD symptoms before having sex, neither was my partner”. But some STDs are asymptomatic. Plus, it’s especially recommended for any adult coming of age to be aware of their body’s condition and maintain it.

How often should you go for an STD check up?

STD_doctor injection According to PrioritySTD, the appropriate frequency of STD/ STI tests is different for everyone. It largely depends on an individual’s sex life. Generally, any sexually active adult should attend at least one STD test yearly. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

A virgin who has yet to become sexually active.

If you’re a virgin, you be may wondering if you should get tested for STD too. It’s recommended for those who have yet to become sexually active. Given a scenario that you’re not a virgin but your partner is, it’s a good idea for them to get checked out too. Unfortunately, several STDs can be contracted even without having sex. So being a virgin doesn’t guarantee that you’re STD-free.

For all the singles out there.

Safety gloves shake hand You may not be sexually active now but don’t forget that you once were. Let’s say that you had already gone for a test after your last sexual relationship but it’s still recommended that you do so again. This doesn’t go without mentioning that some viruses take months to appear positive on your latest STD check-up. Which is why you should check it out once more after being sexually inactive for awhile. However, if you’ve been engaging in casual sex, it’s highly recommended that you get tested more often in the given year. Assuming that you’ve already done so, it’s best that your partner(s) do the same. When it comes casual sex, getting tested once a year may be insufficient. This is in case you may have more than one new partner throughout the same year especially if it’s unprotected sex. For those who are currently in a relationship or about to commit to one, it’s recommended to get tested before becoming sexually active. After that, once a year is enough throughout your relationship with the same partner. This helps ensure both your safety’s and sexual health.

Not experiencing any STD symptoms.

If you’re not experiencing any STD symptoms, you should get tested anyway. For starters, if you’ve ever experienced any STD or STI-like symptoms, it’s crucial to get yourself checked out immediately regardless of your relationship status. Do bear in mind that even though you may not be showing any symptoms, doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible to it. As mentioned earlier, there are many STDs and STIs that are asymptomatic. It means that even if you’ve contracted the it, you won’t experience any symptoms.

What should you get tested for STD check-up?

It’s best to get tested for most STDs, including Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Most importantly, make sure you disclose any symptoms you may have been enduring to your doctor or contact a testing centre. There are many STDs with similar symptoms and it may overlap or even be confused for another illness, so it’s best to test for all possible causes. Anyway, enough about STD check-ups. There’s more to your sex life than medical check-ups, it’s about making love and having a good time with your partner. In this modern day and age, people are exploring new ways to have a better time. Many of them, including couples, have been more inclined to giving sex toys a try. You’d be surprised by how much closer these couples have become too. Happy Couple Laying On Bed

Here are a few suggestions for a better sexual life:

  1. Sex vibrators – This is used on a woman’s clit to stimulate orgasm. Use it to masturbate or during sex, whenever you prefer. All you have to do is clean it after each use and change its batteries once in awhile.
  2. Sexy lingerie – Ladies, ever wondered when that piece of sexy lingerie in your closet could be used? Well, if you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, throw it on. It’d surely give your boyfriend/ husband an exciting thrill.
  3. Men sex toy – These are specially made every man’s guilty pleasure (or maybe women’s too). There’s a variety of men sex toy, ranging from a realistic vagina, masturbation cups, and many more.
If you’re looking for more information on sex toys, check out this website: Playful2Night Everyone has their way of expressing one’s affection to another, having pleasurable sex is one of it. This is accompanied by the importance of maintaining good sexual health, to avoid mishaps from occurring in the long run. You may hold off the idea of taking an STD test but it could be too late by the time you pull through with it. Before anything else, as excited as you are to make love with your partner – go for it. The best part about these STD testing clinics are, they offer anonymous testing and screening so that patients would feel more comfortable. Package prices vary from clinic to clinic – do your research before deciding on which treatment you’d like to go for.
STD Check Up: How Often Should You Get Tested?

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