Private parts hygiene in 5 simple steps


Private parts hygiene in 5 simple steps

Like it or not, private parts are fascinating on their own. They are capable of maintaining their hygiene but sometimes might need a little more attention due to our lifestyle or habits. Ever wondered how you keep your “down there” clean and fresh? 

First and foremost, and also the easiest way—


#1 Clean your private parts with water, simple as that

No matter what gender you are, ensure you give your private parts enough care every day. For women, pull apart your vagina folds and gently wash it. Avoid soap as it would mess up your PH level. Though there are quite a few feminine washes around, it is best to consult a gynecologist before usage. I would avoid it unless it’s for a medical condition. 

For men, ensure you pull your foreskin backwards if you’re uncircumcised to prevent accumulation of bacteria, oil, and dead skin. Neglecting the hygiene here could cause a buildup of a whitish substance, smegma. Women have it too! 

It’s completely normal to have some smegma, as it is the secretion of the oil glands around your genitals that acts as a natural lubricant. However, if poor hygiene is practiced and smegma is not washed off regularly, it causes buildup around your private parts. This smegma buildup could possibly cause irritation and inflammation on the penis, leading to a condition known as balanitis.

As much as you preach about self-love, this is how you do it right! The next time you shower, take a closer look at your intimate parts and give them the care they deserve. 


#2 Choose the right underwear 

You wear your outfit, not the other way round! As much as you wouldn’t force a ring that does not fit, why would you put on uncomfortable undies? :< 

100% cotton underwear is your best pal, it offers space and breathability for your intimate part. However, you would like to consider underwear with high breathability and antimicrobial finish during workouts. This is because yeast and bacteria favour a dark and moist environment. 100% cotton material might not be the no.1 choice during sweaty moments since it has high absorptions that would need a longer time to dry. 


#3 Keep your private parts dry

Have not been dabbing your private parts with soft tissue paper after peeing? You should probably start doing it. Women may gently wash the vulva with a bidet, followed by dabbing with tissue papers from front to back. It is crucial to wipe from front to back as wiping the opposite way would increase the risk of UTIs, since it’s easier for bacteria to travel from the anus to urethra through this direction. During menstruation, it’s advisable to change your sanitary pads every 4 to 5 hours or it could be humid due to bad air circulation in your private area. 

Whereas for men, shaking your penis would aid in ensuring the urine droplets are all out, though it is harmless to gently wipe it with tissue paper for better hygiene.


#4 Are your adult toys clean? 

Sexually active adults are definitely more prone to infections, but it could be avoided with good private part hygiene. Ensure that your dildo, vibrator, and other sex toys are cleaned thoroughly after every usage. Consider getting a disinfection cleaning spray for your peace of mind, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It could come in handy too when multiple parties engage in an intercourse with a shared adult toys scenario, you would really like to disinfect it thoroughly. Increase the fun and pleasure, not the sexual diseases! 

Don’t skip the condom during intercourse, with 1,038 AIDS cases reported in 2020, that’s not something you would like to ignore, especially when AIDS is like a one-way ticket. If you’re not using a condom, be proactive on getting a full body check up to ensure one is free from STIs. Use alternative contraceptive methods such as birth control if you’re not planning to start a family yet. 


#5 The actual sex scene

Unfortunately, this is not a Netflix show where you and your partner storm into the bedroom with cute, well-lit candles, and Cigarettes After Sex songs in the background. Though this scenario does happen at times (you know what I mean), it’s recommended to hold back a little and go for a quick washroom check. 

Plus, having a quick hygiene check before sex gives you more confidence. All you need to do is wash it gently with water and you shall be good to go! 

Ensure you both have no infection, bleeding wound, or ulcer on your mouth or private parts. Only go oral when you’re confident that your mouth is in a good condition! You don’t wanna end up with STI like HIV, since it could be easily transmitted when in contact with blood.

After hitting a home run, don’t forget to pee to reduce the transmission of potential sexual diseases. This is specifically crucial for women as they are more vulnerable to UTI due to the shorter urethra as compared to men. 


In conclusion, keeping your private parts fresh and clean is not that hard (pun intended), and it doesn’t burn your pocket either. It is still a taboo to speak about private parts to some people, but it is time to change it. Let’s have quality sex education instead of brief, verbal instructions. We hope people would be more comfortable speaking about their private parts like normal body parts. And we do hope that this article helps in raising private parts hygiene. Let us know what would you like to hear more!


Private parts hygiene in 5 simple steps

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