How to Use Lube? Way to Make Sex So Much Better!


How to Use Lube? Way to Make Sex So Much Better!

When a lady is turned on, the vagina would normally get wet (self-lubricate) which makes the experience more exciting. Having dry sex can be painful and cause damage to the vaginal lining.

Over time, the female body produces less lubricant for various reasons – it is either hormonal changes, menopause, ageing or even medication. Lube is probably most thought of for its use during penetrative sex: reducing friction during vaginal and anal sex not only makes the act more enjoyable for both parties, but it can also prevent micro-tears in the vaginal canal or anus, which can increase the risk of STI transmission.

That’s where artificial lube comes to play.

When it comes to “things that make sex life better,” lube is right up there for you!

Susan, 35 years old

Why you will need lube while having sex?

Artificial lube can enhance the foreplay part of sex by boosting pleasure, keeping the vaginal skin moist and soft, and most importantly, reducing friction – whether during masturbation or sex.

Lube is one of the best bedroom enhancers around, making sex wetter, slicker, more enjoyable, and longer-lasting. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable and flexible, but lube comes in lots of flavours, sensations, and textures to make the action feel fun and experimental. 

It’s not just a solution to a problem. Lube is a product that can and should be used by everyone—yes, everyone—remains shrouded in mystery for many.

There are different types of lubes ranging from water, oil, silicone and even natural alternatives. The best part about artificial lube is it can be easily bought online or at local convenience stores and pharmacies.

So guess who benefits from lube? Answer: EVERYONE.

Sure, there is the impression of lube being used by older lovers who have trouble getting wet – nothing wrong with that. Lube is used to make sex wilder and more fun. Anyone can use lube regardless of the body produces it or not.

What causes vaginal dryness during sex?

Vaginal dryness during sex can make it an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. You may even want to stop being intimate with your partner altogether. However, it’s not an uncommon problem and luckily, there are some things you can try that may help to solve the issue.

Dryness commonly affects those who are:

  • Taking medications such as antidepressants, antihistamine, hormonal birth control
  • Barely drinking enough water daily and is dehydrated
  • Have an autoimmune disorder
  • Smoking
  • Breastfeeding
  • Going through pre-menopause or menopause
  • Undergoing chemotherapy treatment

Try a natural gentle moisturiser such as a wash foam that’s specifically made to balance the intimate flora in your vagina. This could help to relieve any dryness, as well as other symptoms such as itchiness, strong odours or excessive discharge. 

Alternatively, you can also try using lube during sex. For those who are experiencing dryness, we got you covered!

Type of Lubes

Moreover, lube is pretty essential for sex as it can prevent itchiness, burning sensations, chaffing and other discomforts. The use of lubes varies from person to couple. Some lubes are specially designed to enhance sex – whether with your partner or a lonely night at home.

Let’s break down the different types of lubes you could be using: There’s water, oil and silicone lube.

1. Water-based

Water-based lubes are another common and great option, especially for people who might be new to the world of lubricants. They can be used with condoms and silicone devices safely, but they may require more reapplication than a silicone lube.

They’re not water-resistant, and also can be washed off easier. Usually, there are 2 options for a water-based lube. It is either with glycerin (a kind of scent with a sweet taste) or without glycerin.

Check out this OMYSKY Personal Waterbased Lubricant at Playful2Night.

2. Silicone-based

Silicone lubes are long-lasting, which makes them great for situations during which you don’t have to worry about reapplying.

It can be safely used with condoms, and help to keeps sex slippery and smooth. Silicone lubes are water-resistant, odourless and tasteless. which makes them a great option if you decide to move from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Try on this JO Premium Silicone Base Lubricant for more pleasure today.

3. Oil-based

Oil-based lubes are less commonly found, and for a reason: They cannot be used with latex condoms since they can degrade the material, resulting in holes. So, they are best used only with long-term partners or during solo play. They are, however, long-lasting.

There are also 2 options for this: Natural (coconut oil or butter of that sort) or Synthetic (like Vaseline).

It’s easy to find and use, and a bang for your buck!

Get more lubes at Playful2Night now.

A Little Reminder:

As for personal lubricants you can buy in a store or online, water-based lubes are very sex-positive, but they tend to get absorbed by the body faster. On the other hand, silicone-based lubes are not absorbed as quickly, and therefore they help make sex last longer

Always pick one that suits you (and your partner), though bear in mind that scented lubes may cause a sensitive reaction on the skin. You could be a first-timer or someone looking to expand their lube collection… Oh yes, there is one for everyone, it all depends on how you like it.

Tricks to Using Lube Efficiently

It’s better to take things step-by-step than to have to reel yourself back. That is to say, start with a little bit of lube (one pump) and add more if you’re experiencing more friction than you like. Lubricants are meant to make things glide easier—not to make you slip and slide. 

Here are a couple of tricks to make sex smoother – Bear in mind there is no fixed way to use lube, it all depends on how YOU like it.

Before Sex –

  1. Lay a towel, to prevent staining the sheets
  2. Warm up the lube with your hands. Wouldn’t want things to be cold.
  3. Add lube into foreplay for extra fun and make your partner hornier

During – Reapply as soon as it starts to feel dry.

After – Regardless of which type of lube you choose, use soap scrub to properly wash up

A couple of tips for sex, with lube:

64% of respondents said that they use personal lubricant that’s meant for sex, while 19% rely on household products like coconut oil, and 17% use spit.

CalExotics Survey

During solo play, lubrication can intensify the feelings of a hand or vibrator, and with a partner, it can also make handjobs and oral more enjoyable for both parties. Even during foreplay, lube can be used on erogenous zones for a titillating effect. 

1. Hand jobs, blowjobs and fingering

Guys would not want to experience a dry hand job or blowjob nor would ladies be turned on by fingers sliding into their panties when she is just starting to get horny. Lube it up, people!

2. When going down on one another:

If you happen to be dehydrated, don’t be shy – just grab a lube. It makes the whole experience more exciting plus nobody enjoys a sand-paper like a tongue.

3. Dry humping sesh, anal sex or vaginal sex:

No time or maybe plenty of time for full-on sex? Either way, apply some lube and get down to business.

4. Masturbation/ with or without a sex toy:

Without – You should never apply unwanted ingredients that you are unsure of inside you. Say no to moisturising lotions and hello to lube, aka your saviour – for a slick and smooth time-out.

With – Now, this is a game-changer. Apply some on your fave toy and brace yourself for mind-blowing masturbation as it hits all the right spots.

Conclusion Lube comes in handy in many pleasurable ways as it changes the overall experience between loves and individuals, most importantly, keeping safe while having fun!

How to Use Lube? Way to Make Sex So Much Better!

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