Sex Toys Malaysia: Where do I buy?


Sex Toys Malaysia: Where do I buy?

Where do I buy good quality sex toys in Malaysia?

We’re still far from being a community that speaks about sex life openly, making sex education, sex shops, and sex toys Malaysia hard to access. Many still find it uncomfortable to mention the “penis” or “vagina” word. It takes A LOT of work to break this taboo, but we’re here with you to challenge it. How?


Creating a safe space to talk about sex

Sure, it’s cool to be able to satisfy and pleasure yourself. But, is our community educated enough to speak about sex respectfully and openly? Whether you agree or disagree, it has been proven that a healthy lifestyle includes regular sex. Sex increases serotonin, reliefs headaches, and improves sleep.

Single and one night stands or friends with benefits are just not up your alley? That ain’t an issue if you master  masturbation. Plus, masturbation boosts self-confidence and well-being, improving your mood.

Thanks to ecommerce, shopping for sex toys like masturbator is a breeze.  All you need to do is head to your browser and type “sex toys Malaysia”, you’ll be filled with unlimited options.

Now, we don’t need to guide you on how to do online shopping. It’s 2022, we’re confident you’re good at that. But, we have 4 fun tips to share with you when shopping for sex toys in Malaysia!


Choosing the right adult toy

Firstly, know your purpose of it before choosing. Is it for couple intercourse usage, or is it for self-pleasure? Have an honest conversation with your partner, even better if you guys choose it together! You might fancy some cock rings, but he might not be comfortable with them. He could be into anal sex, while you’re not. Be vulnerable and discuss the sex topic openly, have compassion and learn to understand each other’s needs. If there’s a disagreement, try to find a middle ground and figure it out together. Don’t be anal about it!


Need help with choosing sex toys? Here are some examples:

To excite her/they, choose a clitoral massager and nipple toy.

To excite him/they, choose sexy lingeries, lubricant, and give him a good head.


Adult toys enhance your relationship with your partner(s), and yourself!

Secondly, “to form a strong, long-lasting bond, intimacy is a key ingredient – it’s what human beings crave in order to create a safe, loving and happy relationship.” (The Star, 2022) If you’re in a long-term relationship and it’s becoming more of like a housemate situation… Some sex toys wouldn’t hurt.


Moreover, if you’re a pair/bunch of curious adventurers, explore costumes, roleplays, and BDSM to fit into your sex life. You might have the right adult toys, but it takes YOU to keep the passion and excitement as well.


Sex toys for you, and only you

Thirdly, you don’t need to feel FOMO if it’s just you alone. Explore masturbators, dildos, vibrators, or even realistic vaginas to ride on your fantasy!

Besides, if you’re feeling wild and need more thrill, you can always bring your vibrator around! Just fit it into your bags conveniently and get a 10-minute break at work. I’m sure your boss would not question it. Plus, it could help with work stress. 😉

But I like the privacy when it comes to sex toys shopping

Same honey, same. Though we encourage an open approach on sex topics, we also respect privacy as it’s pretty personal.

A lot of sex shops in Malaysia are pretty good at handling customers’ privacy. They offer 100% confidentiality and professional product recommendations. Furthermore, there will be zero labels on the packaging. And if you would like to leave no trace, some even offer cash on delivery!


Don’t forget on the sex toys hygiene

I probably have said this multiple times, but I can’t stress this enough. A lot of you are not practicing clean sex and IT SHOWS. “More than 1 million STDs are acquired every day. Each year there are an estimated 374 million new infections with chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and trichomoniasis. Without proper management, the burden of disease will further increase.” (Columbia Asia, 2022)

You’re getting sex toys for the fun, not the diseases.

For instance, here’s what you should practice:

  • No sharing of sex toys
  • Always clean your sex toys based on the instructions given
  • Disinfect your sex toys
  • Clean private parts before and after having sex
  • Use trustable lubricants
  • Use condoms
  • If you’re sexually active, get an STD test every 6 months


Finding the right sex toys in Malaysia

With all being said, we hope this article would be able to aid you and your partner(s) in finding the perfect toy! 🥰 Girl just wanna have fun


Wait no more, because tonight is the night! Survey your favourite sex toys and experiment with it yourself. Have the most fun and have FULL AUTHORITY on how your healthy sex life should be. Cheers!


PS: let us know in the comment which sex toy is your go-to!


Sex Toys Malaysia: Where do I buy?

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