Mighty Wolverine Automatic Telescopic Cannon Machine


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Mighty Wolverine Automatic Telescopic Cannon Machine


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Mighty Wolverine Automatic Telescopic Cannon Machinehas powerful vibration telescoping function, with 480 telescoping/min and 600 vibration/min, which can double stimulate your private sensitive parts, and the 7-frequency free switching can bring you different orgasm experience. Fluctuating pleasure from inside to outside, massage the inner wall of vagina. High-speed expansion and contraction, stimulating G spot. Stretch+vibration, a total of 49 different stimulation modes. The dildo is designed with skin-friendly silicone material, which is soft and flexible, and won’t stretch the vagina. Clearly visible veins, more real, closely fit the female vulva.
Intelligent heating at 42℃ simulates the intelligent temperature control curve of human body, and warms you like a man.
Noise below 60 decibels, enjoy sex alone in a quiet night.
The dildo and cannon machine are detachable and can be used independently, which makes the combination more powerful.
Base suction cup, free hands, 180° swing adjustment, can satisfy your desire in all scenes, free hands.
USB TPYC charging, durable, can be connected to charging treasure, laptop and other devices.

  • Product Size : Main Device : 206mm * 86mm
  • Dildo Size : 160mm * 30mm

How To Use
Telescopic key: long press 1s to start telescoping, short press 7s to switch, long press 1s to turn off telescoping.
Vibration key: press 1s long to start vibration, press 1s short to switch, and press 1s long to turn off vibration.
One Burst: Press and hold the 1s switch for a long time to vibrate to the maximum frequency.
Heating key: press and hold the 1s switch for heating function, 37-42℃

Mighty Wolverine Automatic Telescopic Cannon Machine


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