ToysHeart R-20 3rd Gen Mastubator Cup

ToysHeart R-20 3rd Gen Mastubator Cup


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About The Product:

The past two generations do not need to say more, this generation also has its own characteristics!! 165mm long, 72mm diameter, is definitely the most comfortable shape of the hand, the internal lines are also very attractive force. The crisscrossing of the meat wall and the design of the uterus of the toy heart to the upper brain are definitely powerful crushing machines. Of course, R20 1 generation meat thickness is not lacking. The new high-durability material of odorless oil is definitely worth a try!

The length is between the first generation and the second generation, just right; and the third generation is the strongest in the R-20, even stronger than the first generation! Because the entrance is like, the cockroach will be too narrow, because the narrow head will feel the R-20 wide road, not far from the entrance, there is the generous sign of the first generation of big meat and other stalks, and The uterus has shrunk in the last two decades, so basically, only the first two generations of the third generation are generously assembled, the second generation of the first generation?

  • Length: 165mm
  • Width: 72mm
  • Internal length: 140mm
  • Largest Inner Diameter: 30mm
  • Material: Safe TPE
  • Reusable Waterproof
  • USP: unique inner design and high quality materials
  • Included: 15ml lubricant
  • Made in Japan
✔ Waterproof
✔ Easy Handling
✔ Easy Cleaning
✔ Safe silicone material and gentle to the skin
✔ Pack in box and SEAL in the plastic envelope, CAN’T SEE from outside
✔ Product QUALITY assurance

ToysHeart R-20 3rd Gen Mastubator Cup

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