Love Doll

Love Doll

A love doll is created as a new form of a sexual partner to aid for masturbation which comes in different shape and size. These dolls consist of the entire body part just like human providing lifelike sexual intercourse.

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What is Love Doll
A love doll is a modern form of adult sex toy which comes in different shape and size. It is created as a new form of a sexaul partner to aid masturbation. These dolls are also commonly known as a sex doll and it consists of the entire body part just like the human.
For example, it does come with a face, head, pelvis, arms, and legs. The body of the doll is also inserted with other accessories such as the latex vagina, anus, mouth or penis for personal sexual stimulation. It is also common to find the parts to have vibration and self-heating functions.

Different Types of Love Doll

There are many types of love doll throughout the globe. Playful2Night has a wide range of love dolls to satisfy all your self-stimulation needs.

The lower range or cheaper sex doll are mostly inflatables using air. Once inflated, they will resemble the actual size of a real human being. These dolls are often made of welded vinyl or other materials.

These dolls are crudely designed with vagina and penis. Given the affordability of the doll, many users are willing to overlook these shortcomings. However, these love dolls do provide a great sexual stimulation when put into use.

The higher range of love doll is made out of heavy latex or thicker vinyl. Most of these dolls will resemble a real life human figure with an attractive face and body features. You may also style these doll according to your personal preference. Some of the additional styling accessories would include wigs, plastic or glass eyes, painted finger or toe nails, etc. Some of these dolls also come with water-filled body parts for the breasts and buttocks.

The most expensive type of love doll will be made from silicon. They would have realistic skin, flexible joints and also realistic hair. These love dolls can be positioned for display and other sexual act. These type of doll would also have a similar weight of a real human being.

Realistic Sexual Experience

Love doll is created to provide the best sexual experience for its users. By having a real life simulation of vagina, oral and anal sex opening, you are sure to have the most realistic and pleasurable sexual experience ever.

The experience is like having sex with a full-size partner. You will get the advantage of having the perfect full body view of her during your intercourse. Love doll is the ultimate tool that bridges the gap between you and your sexual fantasy.

How Do I Have Sex with a Love Doll?

A love doll would have 3 entries for penetration. These entries would include oral, vagina and anal. The design of these entries in a love doll will provide the ultimate pleasure for the user and they are made of resilient silicone. For additional comfort for penetration, you may use it with some lubricant.

Is There Any Health Risk?

There is no known health risk associated with love doll. However, we do advise you to clean the doll with mild soap and detergent to maintain it in a sanitary condition.

What Kind of Lubricant Should I Use?

We highly recommend that you use a water-based lubricant for the love doll penetration. This is because water-based lubricant is easy to use and does not harm the silicone.

It is also best to avoid other types of lubricant such as oil-based, petroleum based or silicone lubricant.

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