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Realistic Vagina

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What Is a Realistic Vagina?

A realistic vagina is also known as an artificial vagina.They are designed solely to imitate the female sex organ. They do provide additional sexual stimulation and satisfaction for the male partner.

This type of sex toy is also known as a masturbation aid that is made to stimulate the sensation of the sexual intercourse on the erect penis.

An artificial vagina is modeled after a female genital. You may also find many special designs which are the exact replica of some famous porn actresses.

Some realistic vagina does come in a form of boobs, ass or mini human figure for additional stimulation apart from the penetration.

They are famous for providing a lifelike experience that no other sex toy can deliver. The soft and sensual masturbators are exactly what you need if you are looking to add more variety to your solo sessions. In order to make your erotic adventure more realistic, we do recommend that you add a warming lubricant along with the realistic vagina.

Types of Realistic Vagina

Other than the common form of a realistic vagina, there are also other forms that come with vibration mode. The vibrator will provide a great massage to your penis and add extra firepower to the penis. There is a wide range of realistic vagina you can find in Playful2Night. Most of it is handheld and portable while the other can be more substantial.

The more substantial realistic vaginas are a great item where you can place it on your bed, table or floor for the penetration that you desired. Other products such as the masturbator ass and masturbator tits will add extra thrill and excitement that will leave you breathless.

What Is Realistic Vagina Made of?

They are specially made from materials that closely imitate the natural skin. The material used is highly flexible, elastic and stretchable to accommodate any penis size. 

Some of the common material used to make this sex toy include rubber, soft plastics, latex, cyber skin, etc. The use of cyber skin in adult toys will provide the most natural feel for the user. This material is quite porous as they are formed by a mixture of PVC and silicone. Therefore, they do require special care before and after use.

Is There Any Health Risk?

There is no known health risk found with the use of this item.

Caring for the Realistic Vagina

It is important to note that you should always use a water-based lubricant along with this sex toy. Other lubricants such as the oil based ones may damage the material of the sex toy.

You must always clean the realistic vagina in order to prevent germs and other organisms inside the item. The toy may look complicated, but in fact, they are well designed for easy cleaning.

Cleaning the Realistic Vagina

There are a few items required for the cleaning of the realistic vagina. These items include warm water, liquid soap, clean cloth, disinfectant spray or talcum powder. Before you start your cleaning process, do remember to remove the vibrator. It is also important to remove any other electrical mechanisms, wires, and cables that attached along with it.